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  • Kyler
    May 10, 2021
    This harness along with the double connection training leash is perfect for my 70 pound Alaskan malamute mix. Our first time using it was on our long road trip out of state and the front connection keeps her from pulling and the double connection makes it very secure for us while we are out on walks and potty breaks in unfamiliar territory. Highly recommended!
  • Charles
    May 3, 2021
    My dog is a 125 pound east german shepherd who is a very skittish rescue. When we got him, he was basically a wild dog who had never had interaction with other dogs, only one person, and had never had a leash on him. We have tried other harnesses, training, etc, and NOTHING has been as effective as this harness. My wife only weighs about 20 more pounds than he does, and when she stops, he spins right around, Before, he was literally dragging her down the road. He still pulls a bit now and then, but just following Victorias advice, walks are much more pleasant both all of us. We got immediate results, and after a few days, even more improvement, and now, a few weeks in, its a complete game changer. You do have to fiddle with the adjustments every now and then, but this harness actually works.
  • Shannon A.
    April 25, 2021
    After the first use of this harness and double leash, both my husband and I could feel the difference walking our American Pitbull Terrier Mix. We were already working with her on loose leash training but still had issues with her choking herself on occasion. We wanted to avoid a throat injury so I purchased this harness, so we could continue training safely. I am very pleased with what we have seen so far.
  • Jill C
    April 5, 2021
    Purchased two harnesses for our two 90 pound lab mixes. So far the harnesses are GREAT! Easy to put on, and easy to hook the leashes to as well. I definitely feel as though I have more control over both dogs and they are already pulling much less. We are going slowly introducing the dogs to the harnesses to be sure they are comfortable and we have found this has been a good approach.
  • Kalen
    February 8, 2021
    BEST TRAINING HARNESS EVER! This harness actually works and my dogs love it as much as I do. My dogs responded to it right off the bat and we actually got results on the first walk. It is super simple to put on and use. I've been using a different "no-pull" harness for about a year and haven't gotten any results so I was sceptical that this harness would be any different. I'm so glad I decided to give this "no-pull" harness a try. I was thrilled when I saw results on the first walk. I will definitely recommend this product to friends and family.
  • Terri Tucker
    January 29, 2021
    The no-pull harness is easy to adjust and use. Ferdi is 70 lbs and it fit him just right. The clips are a little tight for me, but I had injuries to my hands. The leash that goes with it is not the same quality as the handle is not comfortable to hold . Again, my hands are sensitive. Thank you for all your amazing work.
  • Arra loves it
    December 13, 2020
    THIS HARNESS IS AMAZING Victoria Stillwell truly knows and understands dogs. The harness has a very soft fabric that goes around the dog so it doesn’t rub her under arms raw like the other one I purchased from Amazon. Also the harness has places all over it where you can size it so it fits across her chest and everywhere else on her body. I wish I knew about this harness sooner both Arra and I are happy we have it now.
  • Brenda Bishop
    November 2, 2020
    I bought the no pull harness and the leash that goes with it and my dog walks a lot better since I’ve had this harness. Best purchase I’ve made she was a rescue dog and no one taught her how to walk on a leash this has really helped a lot. Thank you so much for designing this harness
  • Kira
    October 29, 2020
    I'm a bit torn about this harness, it reduces pulling some, but not fully. I have a beagle that's probably mixed with something (found as a stray so we don't know.) I ordered the small since my dogs sizing matched what was listed for a small. I do fully admit that my dog is a bit slender and odd shaped for a beagle, hence him being cut with something else. The instructions say that the harness should be snug with no more than two fingers being able to get underneath it. I am able to achieve the correct fit on the chest strap on the back. But I have the chest strap on the front/neck area as tight as possible. And I can still get quite a few fingers under them. And then the strap running vertically under my dog's chest, that connects the back strap to the neck straps, is too long, and creates a lot of movement. But there's no way to adjust that vertical strap. A lot of the reasons I chose to buy this product over other companies is for the very features that don't work on my dog. I do find training for pulling with my dog more manageable with this harness. But my hands, wrists and arms still get sore and hurt-- just not as much. The harness pulls to the side in the front when we're walking--and the harness was advertised not to do this in a video on the site. So since I am unable to get the harness to fit properly. I'm unsure if the continued pulling, because the harness is not working as it should, is because of poor fit.  Since I can't order a smaller size we're continuing to use it for now.  I really like having an attachment at the chest and back for steering. And the only other harnesses I can find with that feature use a martingale at both points.    
  • Marya
    May 25, 2020
    My two sons and I thoroughly enjoy the ergonomics of the two ring harness! Our 10 month old fox hound lab mix went from a feisty unmanageable dog on a walk to a dog that is responding to commands more easily!! Thank you for the genius of this design which has affected our relationship with our dad… We all want to go on walks now!
  • Aoife
    May 13, 2020
    Hi there, I recently bought this harness. I have a young Cocker Spaniel who is into smelling everything, she has a short attention span and will randomly pull hard if she sees a dog or a bird. Even though she is a Cocker and not too strong I’d sound like a tap dancer while trying to walk her down the road because I was being pulled so hard. I heard that if you pull the lead they will pull more, so I tried to relax the lead but it would only work if I decided to walk as fast as The Road Runner, which as you might guess was in fact running. I worked in a pet shop in the past and had the belief that a harness only encourages them to pull even harder. However I didn’t like the idea of pulling my dog’s neck and was worrying about it for months as she already had a slight problem with her trachea. I considered buying the Hali face harness but from working in the pet shop I knew a few dog’s who hated it. In spite of it being used when they were relatively young the dogs would have little temper tantrums when it came time to put it on. So I did some research into harnesses and found out that no pull harnesses actually were a thing in the world. I researched multiple brands and their reviews which there were a lot of. I quietly came across this particular harness after doing a lot of digging, I’m not sure why it's not advertised more because it really appealed to me. I liked the idea of the two attachment points at the front and the instruction video was really helpful, however I was saying to myself ‘’Yeah right Lady that dog is totally not a puller, try it on a dog who actually pulls.’’ Here is where I will add some critique, I think it might be a good idea in the instruction video to show a young hyper dog on the lead and collar first and then compare it to the harness afterwards. The harness is a little too big for my dog because I stupidly didn’t look at the size chart and figured she would fit a medium when she in fact fits a small, so, my bad! However in spite of that it fits really well around her torso so it isn’t in danger of falling off and it doesn’t restrict her movement at all. I found that at first my dog would do a little dance or sit in protest for a moment or two when I would gently tug, which I found hilarious considering the amount she was pulling me, but I digress. I also found that while she was doing her little jumpy dances the lead would flip over to the other side of her front, I did try it like that for a moment to see if it actually made a difference and I found it really did, it works much better when you use the attachment point furthest away from you. Mind you these little mishaps are so incredibly minor compared to how fast she got used to it and how quickly she responded to a gentle chest tug rather than months of her pulling while on a collar. I can now see why the dog she used in the video was so good! This product actually works and I find it amazing! My dog is already used to it on her third walk. She isn’t pulling at all and the stress of her pulling is completely gone! I can slowly stroll down the road with my dog. I wanted to say thanks so much for inventing it! I love it!
  • Erika F
    May 4, 2020
    The two ring design is GENIUS! For the first time ever I can actually walk my dog and enjoy it! With every other harness her pulling would make the chest ring go to the side and become useless. This one keeps the chest ring in the center even when she pulls. Now I’m taking her on a walk instead of the other way around. It also keeps her from choking herself out like the other front clip harness we had. Thank you, Victoria! Please never stop manufacturing these. There’s nothing else like it on the market!
  • Liz S
    April 13, 2020
    Really pleased with this harness - it worked gently and immediately and has made walks a real pleasure rather than a struggle.
  • Lynn Tomlinson
    April 10, 2020
    The smalls are too small for my two cockers around the chest area. Cocker Spaniels were listed in the small category. I emailed the company to see if they could sell me or send me the chest straps for the medium but did not receive an answer. The two leashes are great and I would give a 5 if I were just reviewing them. I was waiting for a reply from the business before I wrote this review but have not received an answer.
  • Vinnie Caliendo
    March 11, 2020
    We have a 60lb AmStaff and his prey drive is always on overdrive. While the website said medium the dimensions and weight were smaller than ours. So we ordered the large and it works exactly as advertised. Does our 6 year old AmStaff stop trying to hunt? No. Can we control him on this leash without effort? Absolutely! We’ve tried numerous other harness options and we can now walk him without him tugging us around. Very nice and very pleased!