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  • Peter
    June 26, 2018
    This harness has made, and continues to make, a tremendous improvement in my ability to control my dog on leash. We tried everything else including more than one trainer and never got near the results we are now getting. Our dog is prey driven and we live in the country. There is always plenty of temptation as far as critters are concerned for her on her walks. We are very satisfied with this harness and the leash.
  • Mrs Richey
    June 22, 2018
    EXCELLENT products. Helps me on his walks a lot. My dog is leash aggressive/reactive.
  • Erin Santorella
    April 30, 2018
    I purchased this for my border collie who is an uncontrollable puller. We were previously using an easy walk which did not help the pulling whatsoever. This leash has made it possible to continue to work on our leash skills because I can keep control of him if a distraction comes up. The leash and harness appear to be holding up well. He is not having any issues with rubbing anywhere from the harness. This is a great tool to assist in learning to properly walk on a leash.
  • Amy and Trudy
    April 26, 2018
    It's been a week using this harness system with the no-pull leash. It's early days but these products might be our savior. Our Trudy is a six-year-old 60 lb. pointer mix; we've had her for almost four years and pulling has always been a problem. While she's improved over the years, it's still problematic especially when we go to new parks and she won't listen and can't be tempted by treats. We've used EZ walk harnesses, other "no-pull" harnesses, and most recently, a head harness (halti). The halti had worked the best, but to her detriment as she would pull so hard sometimes she would hurt her face. This harness is comfortable on her, we can keep her close, and she is responding well to it. She's learned pretty quickly to stay on one side of us, and I think she likes it a lot more than her head harness. I highly recommend trying this harness.
  • Christie Hayes
    March 21, 2018
    All three products, harness, long leash, and no-pull leash, are high quality with very reasonable prices. The no-pull leash and attachment to the harness work great. I prefer a harness that is longer on the body to prevent irritation under the front legs. A soft material covers the area to cut down on friction. There has not been enough time to evaluate this part of the harness. Delivery of the order was very fast.
  • Catherine Nugent
    March 6, 2018
    I love this harness! Works great and is good quality craftsmanship. My german shepherd is a chronic puller but with this harness we can both enjoy going out on walks again. I would highly recommend this harness. My only complaint would be that it would be nice if the leash was just a little longer but I understand why its the length that it is.
  • Hannah Dennison
    February 23, 2018
    I couldn't be more thrilled. I have tried all different kinds of harnesses but this is brilliant. I think it's maybe the weight that helps? My Vizsla hated her harness because it was bulky and twisted when she pulled. This is light and it's as if she feels she isn't wearing one so she doesn't pull at all.
  • Poodle Mum
    February 19, 2018
    I’ve spent a fortune on harnesses and leads to try to stop my 15 lbs. mini poodle from pulling and this harness-lead combo works better than them all, although it’s not quite perfect. The idea of two rings in front works well if your dog stays on the same side of you during its walk. Ours does not. I’d also like a longer lead, since the lead is a little short when connected to both rings. She doesn’t pull quite as much and doesn’t object to the harness at all. The velvet covering on the underarm strap is a big plus, I think. It’s a good product and I’d buy it again.
  • Wendy Farmer
    February 18, 2018
    Great product which our doberman tolerates really well. He is 9 months old and hugely strong and the harness definitely reduces his tendency to pull - we even had some minutes of a loop in the double connection leash we bought at the same time! Easy to put on and fits him well. We have a long way to go with him, but the product, we feel, has helped enormously. As an overseas customer my only gripe is that I had to pay, in addition to the postage costs, a custom fee of £16, which was unexpected.
  • John Farmer
    February 14, 2018
    We have a 20 moth old German Shepherd/Staffie who was terrible on the lead, pulling etc, we tried her with a normal harness which helped a bit but from the moment I put the new positive harness on it was like walking a different dog, I'm not saying she walks perfectly by my side but she certainly walks a lot better, my partner also noticed the difference as did my brother in law who walks her now and again if we are at work
  • JB Hicks
    January 28, 2018
    First of all, I really like the harness. Fits well, adjustable to our boxers' (we have 2) large, short-barreled chests, which is sometimes a challenge. And I like that it connects to both the front of the chest as well as the back. Regarding the "no-pull" leash system... It actually didn't work for us. We were already working on loose-leash walking, and our two boxers were starting to get the hang of it (they are 8 months and 1 year, and 59 lbs and 55 lbs respectively). I thought that this might be the final piece of the puzzle to clinch their training. But the double-connection system (and, yes, we read through all of the instructions) didn't seem to be any type of deterrent. We finally reverted to connecting it on the back; we stop immediately if they strain forward, and praise and 'click' them often for walking on a loose leash. I am still giving it 4 stars because it's well made and thought-through and probably would work very well for slightly less energetic puppies than ours. But I'm docking one start because, frankly, my expectations were high that this would make more of a difference than it did.
  • Jill
    January 24, 2018
    We have a very strong St Poodle that loved to pull. This harness is great. He pulls less and doesn't seem to mind wearing it.
  • Judy Lalley
    January 11, 2018
    I am very happy with the new no-pull harness and double connection leash! My 73 pound Black Lab is usually a decent walker on leash with a Halti, unless something in particular interests her (which is frequently), but she has become very dog reactive and charges with more force than I can control. (I only have 20 pounds on her.) After one very scary incident, I was looking for something that would help me keep her under control and safe, and am DELIGHTED with this leash and harness! I have so much more control, and she absolutely loves it, wagging enthusiastically when I put it on her. I am a very happy and grateful customer.
  • Kelsey
    January 10, 2018
    Having two rings on the front sets this harness apart from other high quality, no-pull harnesses which often have a front clip which ends up twisting up onto the dog's shoulder when he pulls. You must order based off of the measurement chart, our dog who normally wears a medium or large harness was an x-large in the positively harness. This harness does fit under the armpits so although it is padded and soft I would be mindful to check and make sure it isn't rubbing the dog uncomfortably during walks.
  • Sherre Phillips
    December 18, 2017
    The no-pull harness and double-connection leash have been very helpful in correcting the pulling behavior of our young Great Dane (145 lbs!!). The ability to order size according to chest measurement was a big help and the harness fits well. The design is spectacular - easy on and off, with soft lining to prevent chafing.