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  • Erika F
    May 4, 2020
    The two ring design is GENIUS! For the first time ever I can actually walk my dog and enjoy it! With every other harness her pulling would make the chest ring go to the side and become useless. This one keeps the chest ring in the center even when she pulls. Now I’m taking her on a walk instead of the other way around. It also keeps her from choking herself out like the other front clip harness we had. Thank you, Victoria! Please never stop manufacturing these. There’s nothing else like it on the market!
  • Liz S
    April 13, 2020
    Really pleased with this harness - it worked gently and immediately and has made walks a real pleasure rather than a struggle.
  • Lynn Tomlinson
    April 10, 2020
    The smalls are too small for my two cockers around the chest area. Cocker Spaniels were listed in the small category. I emailed the company to see if they could sell me or send me the chest straps for the medium but did not receive an answer. The two leashes are great and I would give a 5 if I were just reviewing them. I was waiting for a reply from the business before I wrote this review but have not received an answer.
  • Vinnie Caliendo
    March 11, 2020
    We have a 60lb AmStaff and his prey drive is always on overdrive. While the website said medium the dimensions and weight were smaller than ours. So we ordered the large and it works exactly as advertised. Does our 6 year old AmStaff stop trying to hunt? No. Can we control him on this leash without effort? Absolutely! We’ve tried numerous other harness options and we can now walk him without him tugging us around. Very nice and very pleased!
  • Nancy Hinesly
    February 19, 2020
    Overall, I like it. I love the way it goes over my dog's head and snaps on the sides. I had to adjust it several times but it seems to fit now. I do wish I'd gotten the 1 inch rather than 5/8. The snaps are a little small. I bought the small. My 28 pound beagle has a large chest and it seemed too tight. The strap across the back seemed to be right on top of the shoulders. However with numerous adjustments and some use, it seems to have settled in. It does not stop her from pulling. However, she loves it over her martingale and I am glad she's not pulling on her neck. Today was our 4th walk with it and it was our best walk ever. Very little pulling. We were both more relaxed. I bought the dual leash and it is very short. When I want to let my dog have a little freedom, I unhook the chest strap and use the full length hooked to the back. When both are hooked, I think it's only 3.5 feet long.
  • Jane Hennessy
    January 19, 2020
    When I first bought the medium harness for our now year old energetic hound mix it seemed to fit well and although she still pulls I have better control. I really like the soft velvet on the underbelly. After about 2 weeks the harness stretched and it was loose enough for her to chew it- I did mend it however it keeps stretching and when I tighten it it does not stay. I love the design and wondered if there is one available that has stronger strapping?
  • Kate
    January 17, 2020
    This is not working for my GSD at all. I measured him and bought the large but it is really tight around his chest with the straps as far out as I can get them but waaaay too loose around his neck which is tightened as far as I can get it. Because of this he is still able to pull harder than ever even with clicking and treating, and the turning around and stopping methods she says to use in the pamphlet. I'm really disappointed.
  • victoria guthrie
    December 27, 2019
    I have a 22 month old golden rescue who is totally blind. The hasness has reduced him pulling significantly. Some pulling remains due to his young age and the fact that he is learning to trust. This harness gives me more control than a regular harness while he is learning commands and learning to navigate the world on our walks.
  • Melissa Goodman
    December 23, 2019
    As a Professional dog trainer, this are my favorite harness and by far the best harness on the market. It is a great harness even for dogs that don’t pull. The two rings on the chest are what make this harness superior. For some dogs it’s hard to find a harness that fits correctly, and I love how adjustable this one is. I have used this on MANY different breeds and breed mixes that tend to have body types (ex- dog with narrow body but deep chest) that are harder to find harnesses that can be fitted properly. This harness is comfortable for the dog and balances any tension evenly around the body. It makes teaching loose leash walking exercises much easier for both sides. All harnesses shift as the dog pulls/moves around and other front attaching harnesses have the same problem where the chest ring comes off the side when the dog pulls, which kind of defeats the purpose. With the one ring on each side of the chest, the ring goes to the center and actually stays there when the dog pulls, which makes it much harder for the the dog to get forward motion without hurting them. I have had many dog clients Who were strong enough to drag anyone walking them down the street, and this harness instantly cut the pulling down by more than 50%, which made teaching them much easier. Highly recommend for any dog, Particularly for heavy pullers. Keep in mind that no piece of equipment should be considered a solution, but used as an aid to help with training loose leash walking exercises, and as a safer alternative to a flat collar.
  • Allie Schlip
    November 7, 2019
    I purchased this harness and dual leash set in hopes of keep my young dog from pulling on our walks. I would say she pulls just as much on this harness/leash set as she does with my less expensive easy walk harness I also have. I can't get the right fit on any harness as none are completely adjustable enough for her. I bought within the correct size range and it fits well in many places but not well in the most important ones. I do however like the velvet on the underbelly. I am going to continue to try this harness for another week to see if we just need an adjustment phase. I wanted to love it but so far it's "ok" and will suffice.
  • Doris Wilbur
    November 6, 2019
    I purchased two no-pull harnesses from you. My dog is a Doberman. I measured his chest at 30 inches so got the large one. When It finally got here it would not fit and if forced it was uneven and the velvet part rubbed under his front leg and he could not walk with it so tight. I ordered the extra large and paid for 2- day delivery. It came in 5 days and was too large for him. I left it on him to see if there was a way I could fit it with him wearing it and it was so loose he chewed one of the straps in two pieces. Needless to say, I wasted the price of 2 no-pull harnesses and express delivery and got nothing for my money that was useful. the harnesses are not measured right for the velvet strap to be evenly divided across the large chest of a Doberman. Your classes are good. Both the no-pull harnesses were a waste of money. I do not recommend them to anyone with a large dog that actually needs a no-pull harness.
  • Alicia Robertson
    October 26, 2019
    I am a pet sitter and I took the no-pull harness for a spin on one of the dogs I regularly walk. I have to say it really really works and I am so impressed with the ease of turning the dog without having to pull it around, and walk in the opposite direction. No movement of the harness happens when guiding the dog. It keeps aligned with the spine at all times. It is also so easy to put on. Victoria, thank you for creating such an outstanding harness. It is genius. I will be marketing this product to get others to buy it.
  • Allison
    October 2, 2019
    These are the best harnesses. We recently had to purchase a larger size. It helps so much with my 80 lb. doberman. It adjusts to fit her almost perfect. This is the only harness I will buy for her.
  • Candace Conway
    September 11, 2019
    I love this harness and leash. My Chocolate Lab trained with my late husband and it has been a learning process for both of us that I am now the alpha dog. He liked to pull ahead of me. This has worked wonders for us and it is now enjoyable for both of us on our walks.
  • Boz
    August 28, 2019
    This harness lives up to its promises! My male mixed-breed (hound, boxer, pit?) is 1&1/2 yrs. old, 35 lbs., and full of energy. I had been using a head collar with good results, but it started making a line (slight irritation & swelling) across his nose. The harness and training leash work just as well and give me more control in the rare instance he really pulls toward a squirrel or duck. (We have both ducks and geese in our neighborhood.) I'd definitely buy the leash with the 2 connections for best results. Harness is well-made, sturdy, and I love the velvet belly strap.