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Canine Noise Phobia Series - Calming CD
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Canine Noise Phobia Series - Calming CD

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A Breakthrough in the Treatment and Prevention of Anxiety in Dogs

Positively Calming is psychoacoustically designed music which has been clinically tested on 150 dogs. Not only does it have a scientific pedigree, but Through a Dog’s Ear soundtracks have become the standard for canine music therapy. Why? Because it consistently works to relieve canine anxiety.

It’s Me or the Dog’s Victoria Stilwell and the creators of the popular dog-calming music series Through A Dog’s Ear have joined forces to develop this groundbreaking and powerful new approach to dealing with noise phobias and sound sensitivities in dogs.

How does it work?
Dog’s Ear music is intentionally selected, arranged, and recorded to provide easeful auditory assimilation. Three primary processes are used to accomplish this effect: Resonance, Entrainment, and Auditory Pattern Identification. To learn more visit

Each CD includes Victoria’s detailed training instructions in a 24-page booklet.

Also available in the CNP Series:

City Sounds
Full 4-CD Set ($59.98)
“Advances in modern behavioral science help us understand what our canine companions need to be healthy and confident. There are many ways we can improve our dogs’ lives – all designed to help them relax and have fun with their people. One such therapy involves using specially designed classical music. That’s why I’ve collaborated with sound researcher Joshua Leeds and concert pianist Lisa Spector, founders of Through a Dog’s Ear, to develop Calming” - Victoria Stilwell

By combining progressive sound effects, the specially-designed psychoacoustic music of, and Victoria’s reward-based reinforcement protocols, the Canine Noise Phobia Series is an innovative new desensitization tool that not only helps reduce the anxiety suffered by noise-sensitive dogs, but also reduces the likelihood of common sound phobias from ever developing.

The Consequences of Living in a Stressful World
When a dog feels stressed, it experiences a number of physical changes. Heart rate and blood pressure are elevated and breathing becomes more rapid while energy is diverted to other muscles that need it most for fight or flight. Digestion is suppressed, growth and muscle repair is halted, immunity inhibited, and senses are sharpened. All of this happens within a matter of seconds and allows the body to operate at its optimum level to ensure survival. This process is important if a dog’s life is in danger, but constantly experiencing these physical changes can put a lot of pressure on the body and increase stress levels, leading to long-term illness.

Suggested Uses of Calming
The psychoacoustically designed music of Positively Calming has been successfully utilized by dog guardians world-wide. Specific applications include:

Separation anxiety
Excessive barking
Excitement with visitors
Pre- and post-surgery
Canine massage
Puppy quiet time
Helping puppies/ newly adopted dogs acclimate to their new homes
Doggy Daycare quiet hour
Reactive Dogs
Fearful Dogs
Training classes for reactive dogs
In crates during transportation
In crates during agility trials and other dog sport activities
In crates during conformation and other shows
Introducing dog to new stimuli (babies, visitors, other pets) in their home environment
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Preparing for euthanasia

Please note: This music is not recommended to be played in the car. While it will calm dogs, it may also make drivers drowsy.

About Through a Dog’s Ear.
Through a Dog’s Ear sets the standard in the field of canine music therapy. Co-founded by psychoacoustician Joshua Leeds and concert pianist Lisa Spector, Through a Dog’s Ear music has been clinically demonstrated to reduce canine anxiety issues and is used in shelters, dog rescues, and animal facilities worldwide. For more information visit

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