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Train Your Dog Positively by Victoria Stilwell
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Train Your Dog Positively by Victoria Stilwell

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Train Your Dog Positively by Victoria Stilwell

Train Your Dog Positively
By Victoria Stilwell

In her third book, renowned dog behavior expert Victoria Stilwell provides a comprehensive toolbox designed to help dog owners overcome the most persistent, annoying and dangerous behavior problems in their dogs. Far from being merely another dog training manual, however, it also serves as an easily accessible yet scientifically sound roadmap for understanding where our dogs come from, how they experience the world and what we need to teach them most effectively. Train Your Dog Positively is the definitive must-read book for all dog lovers who are committed to giving their canine companion the best chance to succeed by harnessing the power of force-free training techniques. Using her time-tested and scientifically-backed brand of positive reinforcement training methodology, Stilwell not only helps us understand once and for all why outdated and dangerous punishment-based methods are so flawed, but also how and why to replace them with more effective and long-lasting positive solutions that create a bond between man and dog based on mutual trust, respect and love.

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Chapters include:

Part I. The Relationship: The Way Dogs Developed, How They Learn, and What We Need to Understand Them
• Chapter 1. Dominance and Pack Theory: Are Dogs on a Quest for World Domination?
• Chapter 2. The Power of Positive Reinforcement
• Chapter 3. Leading Without Force: The Future of Dog Training
• Chapter 4. Building the Bond: Understanding Canine Language

Part II. Behavioral Training Solutions
• Chapter 5. The Positive Puppy: Building a Solid Training Foundation
• Chapter 6. Housetraining Hell: Solving Toileting Issues
• Chapter 7. Home-Alone Blues: Easing Separation Distress and Anxiety
• Chapter 8. Stress, Anxiety, and Fear: From Thunderstorm Phobia to Compulsive Behavior
• Chapter 9. Canine Aggression: From Resource Guarding to Leash Aggression
• Chapter 10. Solving Common Behavior Problems: Stealing, Running Away, Jumping Up, Barking, Leash Pulling, Poop Eating, and Mouthing
Industry praise for Train Your Dog Positively:

“Love your dog? Then there’s no better way to show it than by reading Victoria Stilwell’s new book, Train Your Dog Positively. Full of insights into both dog and human behavior, Victoria convincingly argues against using force and dominance, and lights the way to the relationship we all want with our best friends.”
--Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, certified applied animal behaviorist, adjunct professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and author of The Other End of the Leash

“Positive training is simply the only way--the humane way--to build a healthy relationship with our beloved four-legged family members. Victoria’s remarkable book is a must read for pet owners!”
--Robin R. Ganzert, PhD, President and CEO, American Humane Association

“As a thirty-plus-year veterinarian and lifetime pet lover, I was totally engrossed with Train Your Dog Positively. I dog-eared page after page for reference and highlighted tip after tip. Read this book and you're guaranteed to have fewer problems, more fun, and a richer relationship with your dog.”
--Dr. Marty Becker, veterinary contributor on Good Morning America and member of the Dr. Oz Medical Advisory Panel

“This great contribution from Victoria Stilwell will help dog owners everywhere more accurately understand their pets’ psyche and positively shape their behavior for the better. Two paws up!
--Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University

Forget all you've heard about being the boss; Victoria's methods work better. Follow her clear and sensible advice. Your dog will be a joy to live with--and your dog will think YOU are a joy to live with too.
--Karen Pryor, author, Reaching the Animal Mind

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